Santee Cooper (SC)

Project Description: A large public utility with about 165,000 retail customers in South Carolina, Santee sought a single solution that would help them consolidate all of the EE programs onto a single database and provide account management capabilities. SC decided to take a multi-phased implementation approach due to the disparate nature of current systems and impact of the change across their organization. energyOrbit’s engagement began in August 2010 and was complete by April 2011.

Waverly Light & Power (WLP)

Project Description: Waverly Light & Power is a small municipal electric utility in Iowa, serving more than 4,600 customers, known as a leader in EE, completing more than 1,000 projects a year. In 2011, WLP decided to look for automation solutions that would help them streamline administration, optimize efficiencies and scale for future growth. energyOrbit was selected in October 2011 and needed the platform functional by January 1, 2012. Over the next few months, the energyOrbit team worked closely with WLP to define an aggressive implementation that maximized all available resources. Within a matter of weeks, the team had the bulk of the platform configured, leaving ample time for testing and training prior to the launch. Full system implementation was completed by January 1, 2012. Since implementation, WLP has reduced average rebate application entry time by more than 30%.

Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC)

Project Description: Dairyland Power Cooperative is an electric generation and transmission utility providing electricity to the approximately 600,000 members of 25 electric cooperatives in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. In January 2011, energyOrbit began working with the DPC team to implement a shared EE tracking solution that allows for program administration and customization across all 25 cooperatives, while segmenting and protecting individual utility data. Work was fully completed by July 2011. DPC estimates a two-year ROI, with savings in man hours alone covering product and implementation cost.

Northern California Power Agency (NCPA)

Project Description: NCPA (Northern California Power Agency) is a joint power agency providing power and aggregated services to member public utilities in northern California. In 2013, energyOrbit worked with NCPA to understand the collective requirements of 7 member utilities and deployed a solution that is optimized to support the group of related but independent organizations. Empowered with energyOrbit, NCPA provides program support to members and access to data needed for annual state reports. Each participating member has a secured program tracking solution environment customized to specific requirements as well as the ability to accept online applications through branded rebate portal. By leveraging common elements across the group and sharing costs, each member was able to acquire an enterprise DSM tracking solution for far less than had they purchased a solution individually.