Improve Visibility, Collaborate with Partners, and Connect with Customers

energyOrbit provides utilities and third-party implementers the insight and control to achieve DSM goals with lower risk and higher operational efficiency. Our proven feature set provides the flexibility to modify existing programs and deploy new ones quickly. Providing easy-to-use features for both utilities and multi-client implementers, energyOrbit reduces the burden on IT infrastructure, limits the need for ongoing professional services, and empowers DSM managers and IT personnel. energyOrbit's new Marketplace brings a "shopping cart" experience to trade allies, C&I and residential customers. The state of the art e-commerce multi-program, multi-fuel, multi-provider platform makes it easy for customers and contractors to find and participate in energy efficiency incentive and rebate programs.

  • Easier to reach targeted energy savings goals
  • Dramatically improved productivity & visibility
  • Greater collaboration with trade allies
  • Closer connection to customers
  • Higher portfolio visibility